Safety Program

CorTech takes safety very seriously. Our strong commitment is demonstrated in our program and the delivery of our training to our workers. It is our responsibility to offer a program that is designed to screen, train and provide our clients with a highly skilled workforce prepared to focus on safety in the workplace and quality of service.

Our team is trained to provide quality employees in materials handling, product assembly, machine operations and facilities maintenance. We work with our employees to keep your facility or warehouse operating at peak capacity across multiple shifts for your production environment.

We have incorporated the DuPont Stop Behavioral Safety principles to our program based on the idea that safety is the responsibility of everyone and will customize components to mirror our client’s internal program.

CorTech’s Safety Program design is the (AEIOU) method:

A Analyze
  • Do the Who, What, When and Where approach
E Evaluate
  • Confirm basic safety standards and add items as needed
I Instruct
  • Take corrective action to sub-standard performance
  • Review what standards apply.
  • Make instructions short and to the point
  • Demonstrate the need to comply
O Observe
  • Look for improvements
  • Give recognition when appropriate
U Understand
  • Stress the benefits of safe behavior
  • Provide safety standard sheets
  • Outline the safety rules for compliance
  • Obtain signatures to confirm rules are read and understood

** Our program suggests that workers wear colored shirts. This enables all workers to assist our clients in recognizing our employees at their facility as well as identifying subject matter experts for our employees to address safety concerns. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is issued where applicable.


CorTech’s customized orientation prepares our workers for their assignment and provides unique information pertaining to the client. Our staff is trained to deliver the orientation to include topics such as:

  • Safety Policies and Procedures…General and Site Specific
  • Work Expectations and Accountability
  • PPE Requirements and proper use of equipment
  • Client Policies and Rules
  • Security Policies and Badge Requirements
  • Directions and Parking Instructions
  • Uniform and Dress Requirements
  • Work Hours and Break times